Cancellation Policy


Attention: Cancellation Rules may change from club to club. Always consult match's Tickets Purchase Rules.

Requests for cancellation of ticket purchases for matches that happened before the 7-day (seven) days period estabilished by the Consumer Defense Code will not be accepted.

In order to cancel a purchase, please contact our Customer Service Center at or by e-mail: [email protected]. Be sure to inform CPF, purchase number and match data while requesting the cancellation.

In order to cancel a purchase by website, please follow the instructions below:
Access MY ORDERS; Click on the purchase you want to cancel; Click on VIEW; Click on CANCEL ORDER.

Important: The convenience fee refers to the provision of ticketing service and will be withheld whenever a purchase is properly completed. The cancellation process will only refund the ticket price and not the convenience fee.

Cancellation Rules

- There is no partial cancellation of a purchase;
- Only the value of the tickets will be refunded, and there is no refund of the convenience fee for the service provided by FutebolCard;
- After ticket purchase, receipt or withdrawal, all tickets are in buyer´s full responsibility, this means that there will be no cancellation in case of loss, theft or damaged tickets;
- Cancellation must be done before the occurrence of the match;
- FutebolCard is not responsible for non-attendance due to force majeure, such as rains, storms, floods, traffic jams, accidents, illnesses, etc. or by withdrawal by the holder of the purchase;
- Cancellation will not be made if the ticket has accessed the match;
- Upon ticket cancellation in the system, the ticket will be automatically available for sale on FutebolCard website;
- FutebolCard directs the cancellation request to the card issuing bank:

DEBIT CARD – If the cancellation of the charge is issued in your account statement and the purchase is confirmed, the amount of the ticket will be reversed within the terms and conditions of the bank that issued the debit card.
Cancellation Rules are the same for membership fans and no membership fans.
CREDIT CARD - If the cancellation of the invoice is issued and the purchase is posted, the amount of the ticket will be reversed in the following month, according to the terms and rules of the credit card company.
*Cancellation of ticket purchases for Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras matches must be requested up to 24 hours before the match contacting Customer Service Center at or by telephone (55 11) 3003-1999, from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. Be sure to inform purchase holder's CPF, purchase number and match data while requesting the cancellation.

As regras de cancelamento são as mesmas para Sócio Torcedor e Não Sócios.

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